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Astro Consultation

1) Name
2) Contact Number
3) Introduction
4) Horoscope details: Date, Time and Place of birth.
5) Problem statement
6) Isht Devta (favorite god/goddess)
It would take me around 1-2 weeks to revert back to you with the astrological solutions to your problems.

Please note:
1) Astrological Consultation is not available free of cost because it involves considerable time, effort and analysis. Some fees will be charged. Moreover paying dakshina to guru, vaidya, priest and jyotishi is a must.
2) For queries related to married life and child-birth the horoscopes of both the husband & wife have to be analyzed.
3) Prior knowledge of astrology or horoscopes does not entitle you for a free service or to debate/discuss all the astrological rules learnt by you till date.


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