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Career and Money - We provide confidential and accurate analysis in these topics that are so important for survival, comfort and personal fulfillment. Many factors in your chart shed light on your unique configuration for career and money. 50% of the houses in a chart and 30% of the planets all have valuable information to share for giving guidance on celestial career support and best timings for you. Our members come to us with questions such as: When can I expect a promotion or a new job? Shall I go overseas to find career success? When is a good time for me to change jobs? Our trained astrologers give practical and useful advice on how you can get ahead based on your particular chart. We encourage you to explore our Career and Money Astrology Reports so you can align with your natural strengths and dissolve bad money habits with targeted and effective remedies.. In India, consulting the Janam Kundli before every important action in life is a regular exercise. Future always draws a lot of curiosity. Everybody is anxious to know ‘what’s next’. Everyone wants a certain predictive side to their lives so that they feel secure at the end of the day


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