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Vastu Shatra

Vastu is derived from 'Vasanivase' which means the place suitable for living. Vastu is a science of architecture. It dates back to Vedas, which are the most ancient books of knowledge. While Astrology is said to be Vedanga (the limb of Veda), Vastu is said to be a Upaveda(minor Veda). There are four types of Vastu: 1) Bhoomi - deals with selection of a site/land 2) Prasada - deals with Palaces and buildings 3) Yana - Vehicles, carts and ships 4) Sayana - furniture, tools and utensils. Koutilya's 'Artha Sastra' defines Vastu as a basis for constructing Villages, Landscapes, Gardens, Bridges, Ponds and Lakes. Varahamihira in his great work 'Brihat Samhita' deals with a lot of Vastu knowledge like weather forecasting, earthquake forecasting, rainfall, architecture, exploration of water springs etc.

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